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Шарыгина Ольга Юрьевна Olga Sharygina
Managing director for Asset Management

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Real estate investments in developed countries let investors diversify their risks

People who have already earn some capital have to work on its saving and increasing.

Investment portfolio diversification is the easiest way to reduce the risks that’s why we recommend foreign investments for those who already have investment projects in Russia.

NAI Becar helps its clients find profitable foreign projects for effective small, average and major investments, supporting them at all stages, from trial investments to big projects.


США — Multifamily (доходные дома)
USA — Multifamily;
Германия — Логистика, ритейл, бизнес-апартаменты
Germany — Logistic parks, retail, business class apartments;
Великобритания — Студенческие кампусы, складские помещения индивидуального хранения (self storage)
UK — Student campuses, self-storage.
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